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Flat Rate

With CA PRENUP’s service, our fees are a true flat rate and not “per hour,” so you will know exactly what the total price will be upfront. You can save thousands off the rates law firms charge for the same service. In addition, you avoid the uncertainty of extra fees that other services add based on additional time with the attorney, multiple revisions, or rush delivery.

With CA PRENUP, there are:

  • No hidden fees or additional charges
  • No time limit restrictions in working with the attorney
  • No revision restrictions
  • No additional fee based on your net worth or income level
  • No extra fees for additional required documentation (e.g., waiver of independent legal counsel)

Experience you can Trust

CA PRENUP was developed by expert attorneys and business savvy professionals who worked with clients to develop a process to meet customers’ every need. Our Agreements contain advanced provisions that are not found in simple “do-it-yourself” kits or manuals, which are often generic for all states and do not comply state rules and laws. See the following link for enforceability of Prenuptial Agreements in California California Family Law Sec. 1615.

img3_1CA PRENUP is the #1 prenuptial and marital agreement service, focusing exclusively in California marital agreements.

Work Directly with our Attorney – Privately and Confidentially

img3_2You will work directly with CA State Bar Certified attorney, one-on-one, throughout the entire process. Your Attorney will create the agreement to fit your unique needs and circumstances. The information you provide is held in strict confidence. We pledge never to give or sell your name or personal information to any third party.

Your Attorney will work with YOU to understand your needs and draft an agreement or develop a plan to achieve your goals. Personal and confidential to meet your needs.

Easy and Convenient CA PRENUP will create your prenuptial or other marital agreement without you ever having to leave your home or office. Your attorney will use the information you provide initially to draft the agreement. In addition, a phone appointment will be held between you and your attorney in order to fully understand your intentions, advise you based on CA law and your circumstances, and finalize details of the agreement. We will email or mail the agreement to you within 2 business days.

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