How to Introduce the Idea of a Prenuptial Agreement
When approached correctly, a Prenuptial Agreement can be introduced and discussed rationally, revealing its benefits and practicality. Following the 9 points below, will help you put your actions in the most favorable light. California state law – referred to generally as California Community Law- will decide what is each person’s separate property, community property, alimony, and certain inheritance rights. So the bottom line is – everyone really has a Prenuptial Agreement. Unfortunately, the laws are convoluted and complex that often result in unknown and unintended consequences. What you are looking to do in a Prenuptial Agreement is to provide certainty [...]
Ensure your Prenuptial Agreement is Valid
Prenuptial Agreements (“Prenups”) are becoming increasingly common for couples who want to provide certainty to their financial and legal issues, not just high net worth couples. A Prenup identifies what assets are separate and community property, how retirement and business ownership is handled, and whether and how much alimony is appropriate, in the event of divorce or death. While California law specifically allows for a Prenup and outlines what needs to be followed to ensure the Prenup is voluntarily entered into and enforceable [...]
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